Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is located in Utah in the United States Of America, and is a well known national monument. Located on the Northwest flank of 10,000 foot high Navajo Mountain, Rainbow Bridge lies on the floor of a deep sandstone canyon. Its measurements are recorded to stand 290 foot tall from its base to the top of the arch, and spans 275 feet across the creek channel. With the arch itself measuring 42 feet thick and 33 feet wide it is almost as tall as the statue of liberty. The bridge is a big tourist attraction and has on average 200,000-300,000

visitors a year, with the vast majority traveling by tour boat or private vessel to get there. However the more adventurous visitors will even hike 16-18 miles around the Navajo Mountain, to be able to visit the monument. Rainbow Bridge is the largest, most symmetrical, and arguably the most beautiful natural bridge in the world. Over the years rainbow bridge has become the theme of an other –worldly place to which a pet goes upon its death, eventually to be reunited with its owner. Myth has it that rainbow bridge is the connection between the two worlds. A poem that was said to be written in the 1980s by author unknown, has gained such popularity with animal lovers all over the world that to this day the words of comfort continue to help thousands of animal lovers everywhere come to terms with the grief of loosing a beloved pet.