Buying A Dog

Buying a puppy may not be what everyone wants and some people may prefer to take in a older dog.Private adverts for dogs seeking good homes can be found anywhere nowadays and with so many being advertised for cheap and even free to good home they are not hard to come by. If you are thinking about acquiring an older dog to join your family, again PLEASE make sure you take the time to research the breed of dog u would like first before purchasing it. Below are some questions you can ask the private seller.

  1. Why are you selling the dog
  2. Is the dog up to date with vaccinations?
  3. Is the dog micro chipped?
  4. Has the dog been spayed /neutered?
  5. Does the dog have any medical issues?
  6. Has the dog ever shown any kind of aggressive or possessive behaviour?
  7. What training has the dog had?
  8. Is he house broken?
  9. Has the dog been create trained
  10. What kind of diet is the dog on?
  11. Is he used to other dogs?
  12. Is he good with children?
  13. Is he good with cats and other animals?
  14. What are the dogs likes and dislikes?