Fostering is an important role in rescue work and is a vital part in the rehabilitation of our dogs. It helps the dogs improve on any issues they have and gives them a better chance at finding that forever home.

Role Of A foster Carer

The Role of A Hairy Hounz foster Carer is to take in a rescue dog of their own choice, and give it a temporary loving home. The dogs then stay with their foster families until Hairy Hounz can find a permanent family for these lovely dogs.

Whenever we have any dogs come into rescue they are put straight up onto our team members page.

This is where all our foster carers can view the dogs.

If any of our foster carers can give the dogs a temporary loving family home they then apply to the managers of HH.

Once the managers have given their approval to the foster carer it is then down to them to:

Arrange to meet the person surrendering their dog to us, at our vets in Auckland road Millbrook. where they will sign all necessary paperwork and release the ownership of their dog to HH.

This is a voluntary position

If you would like to foster any of our dogs Or need more info click here

Foster Carers Responsibility

The foster carer will take their dog into the vets and register him / her there under the Hairy Hounz account. They then get their foster dog a health check this includes getting an idea of how much the dog weighs & bringing the dog up to date with all their vaccinations, their microchip details, and any flea and worm treatment that is needed.

None of our foster carers are liable for any vet treatment or cost this is the responsibility of Hairy Hounz Dog Rescue.

If the dog hasn’t been spayed or neutered on arrival into rescue, then the foster carer must make the arrangements for this to be done asap.

When they take the dog home they must be sure to lay down their own house rules right away so the dog gets used to this as soon as he comes into the family home.

It’s the responsibility of the foster carer to make sure the kids and any other members of the house respect the dog and understand that he/she will be feeling scared and vulnerable when joining their new home. and that its important they must give the dog its own space