Please take a moment to watch these videos below. Here at Hairy Hounz we are dedicated to saving neglected, homeless and unwanted dogs. Unfortunatly we are unable to do this alone. We are asking you to help us to help them. Your donations are needed to prevent these dogs from falling into the wrong hands. Your donation will help a dog find its forever loving

Video 1

This is why we rescue dogs, to do our bit so they dont end up like the one in this video, please watch this video and try support us in our work in helping to save these dogs.

Video 2

This Video is a good example what happens to dogs in the pound, if you dont know watch this video and you will understand why we do what we do and you can help, please DONATE.

Video 3

We rescue dog so they dont end up in the pound like in this video, All our dogs go in to foster care with a family so they can have a normal family life until a forever home can be found.


This is a small Documentary about Hairy Hounz Dog Rescue, everyone in the documentary is a volunteer and all dogs are or were rescue dogs.